Q: Is Pittsburgh Barber Supply only for Pittsburgh barbers?

A: NO, although we are located in Pittsburgh,PA we are dedicated to providing the entire east coast barber community.

Q: Can I report a purchase from Pittsburgh Barber Supply on my taxes for write-offs?

A: Yes, we provide electronic or paper receipts.

Q: Is Pittsburgh Barber Supply responsible for product or tool warranties?

A: No, all warranties should be taken up with the manufacturer. 

Q: Are Pittsburgh Barber Supply orders dropshipped?

A: No, all products listed on our site are located in our storage facility and shipped directly from us. 

Q: Is there a physical location for order pickup?

A: Unfortunately, not currently but possibly in the near future. 

Q: Does Pittsburgh Barber Supply sell customer information?

A: ABSOLUTELY NOT. We guarantee none of your information will be sold.

Q: How protected is my information that Pittsburgh Barber Supply collects and stores?

A: All devices used to conduct any Pittsburgh Barber Supply business is protected with a Google One VPN at all times. 

Q: How soon will my order be shipped after being submitted?

A: Orders placed before 1PM Eastern will be shipped the same day.